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DAY FORTY - ONE – 4th November 2010

Thembe River Safari Camp

Up early to get a few last minute snaps of the Waterfront campsite and the blue balled monkeys – see below they are florescent blue, you can’t miss them!

25 Africa 543

25 Africa 540          25 Africa 562

                         Mother and baby                                             This female monkey posed for Mike all morning

The morning we crossed over into Botswana.  We had to do this on a ferry as there is no bridge across the Zambezi River.  They are said to be building one, but this has been on the agenda since 2001!  The reason for the bridge not being constructed is due to an island being owned by Zimbabwe which one of the centre poles needs to be erected on.  This has caused huge debate with the Zimbabwe president wanting to charge a Zimbabwe visa for crossing the bridge.

25 Africa 591

The motor of the ferry, note the electrical box!

 25 Africa 592Our truck “Wami” on the ferry

It was a pretty smooth boarder crossing and no fee!

We had to step through a disinfectant on our way through the Botswana as they have a huge foot & mouth problem at the moment.  We arrived at Thembe River Safari campsite in time for lunch.

At 3pm we went for a Safari River cruise on the Chobe River.  We saw loads of elephants, this is apparently the most highly populated area for them.25 Africa 611

25 Africa 662 25 Africa 669 25 Africa 674 25 Africa 701

25 Africa 638A Black Kite swooping for fish

25 Africa 642 25 Africa 651    25 Africa 730

We arrived back at the campsite for dinner about 6.30ish.  Later that evening we had a few farewell drinks with the others as we would be splitting with them heading to Cape Town and us down to JoBurg.  To be honest this is one part of our trip we would have planned differently, and headed to Cape Town on the tour.  One part our of a 5 month adventure is not to bad . . . .


DAY FORTY - TWO – 5th November 2010

Elephant Sands Camp

We got to sleep in this morning and left the camp at about 9ish, stopping in town for a few minutes to pick up supplies we then headed for Elephant Sands Camp in Nata arriving at about 1pm.  After a quiet lunch we sat and chilled in the extremely hot and muggy weather.

This camp is well known for Elephants walking through it as there used to be a watering hole just to the side of the bar.  With the extremely hot summer they have had, the watering hole is currently dry and the elephants have destroyed the camp looking for water, trees have been ripped down along with buildings demolished, it looks like a hurricane has been through.  Below are photos of their destruction.

25 Africa 022  A baby elephant fell into the pool looking for water and it’s mother helped it out destroying the pool completely.


25 Africa 026

This is all that is left of the toilet block

25 Africa 024

An elephant footprint, absolutely enormous!

That evening there was a huge thunder and lightening storm.  We attempted to take photos of it but unfortunately we’d just worked out the best settings as the storm was passed.  Here’s our best efforts:

25 Africa 009

25 Africa 019

25 Africa 013  The sunset at Elephant Sands

That evening an elephant came through the camp looking for water, we were at the bar and got within about 5 - 7 metres of it.  They move so gracefully for such big animals, you can’t hear them coming, we make more noise than they do! 

That night we slept in our tents with one eye open!


DAY FORTY - THREE – 6th November 2010

Kwanokeng Campsite

Up at 5.30am we left camp at 7.  It was a long day driving, we arrived at Kwanokeng Camp at 2ish and had a late lunch.  That afternoon we spent by the pool and then watched the All Black take on England – Go the ABs!!!

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