Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Los Angeles


After months of planning and years of saving we’re finally on the other side of the world!

The plane trip over was smooth, Trace managed to sleep for couple of hours while Mike watched movies… He will eventually learn to sleep anywhere.

We made it from the airport car company where we picked up our Dodge Caliber and began to learn how to drive on the right… Mike does all the driving and Trace closes her eyes!

We walked down the Hollywood walk of fame and did an open bus tour around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  No stars were spotted – Disappointing.

01 LA 035

  01 LA 028

01 LA 034

  01 LA 040

In the afternoon we headed out to Santa Monica beach and got some dinner after miles of walking! Mike’s already developed “jandal blisters”.

Here we absorbed a carnival like atmosphere and watched some 4th July fireworks which were in LA (miles away) but were still huge!

01 LA 053

01 LA 068Awwww


After discovering the 5th July was a “mondayised” holiday we made the call to go to Universal Studios as they had a VIP pass which skipped the queues but cost extra… Definitely worth it!! We had a max 5min queue all day.

01 LA 186

01 LA 183   01 LA 195 This was all Trace’s idea… Mike just pulled it off better!

01 LA 202Some kiwi ingenuity - rubbish bin for a tripod


Off to Yosemite tomorrow… Hopefully Trace can open her eyes to see some scenery while Mike is driving.